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About Islamic Manga


Being a fan of manga and anime (actually freak 😊 ) and also having a profession as a social entrepreneur and community builder, I usually dreamed of combining these two in one combination project. While searching for opportunities, I couldn’t find a community project that connects the two worlds to create bigger projects like producing mangas and animes for the Muslim world. There are some artistic websites and there are definitely Muslim fans of manga/anime (and I mean a lot!). But a platform to establish the connections between these two worlds is crucial to make global projects and make an impact in the manga industry.

My dream is to influence the manga industry to bring their attention to this new market of 1.8 billion people. But to do that we need the power of the platform

  • provides them with information about cultural sensitivities,
  • give them feedback on their work,
  • advise them and think along about cultural issues
  • and please please give them good storylines (which I think we miss the most).

Think of:

  • a competition where we can mobilize the Muslim writers to write stories and the best of them will be published as manga’s…
  • a discussion on how to draw a character that values ​​the Islamic way of life, yet is an inspiring character that impresses all viewers…
  • an organization where manga artists and producing companies can meet Muslim investors and fans.

 All these ideas can be realized within a social platform and with the right steps together!